Update Android build details for your .app

If you have an Android build, you should use the Android section to upload builds for your .apps.

You can upload multiple builds. Each build can target a specific screen DPI or architecture. The .appStore will use this information to select the build that should be installed on a given Android device. You will have to enter this information for every build that you upload.


For you to publish an Android package, the following information will be needed:

Build File (APK)*

The .apk file.


Choose the architecture that is supported by this build. Currently supported architectures - ALL

Screen DPI

Choose the Screen DPI that is supported by this build. Currently supported resolutions - ALL

Minimum Version*

The minimum version of Android that is required. See the list of Android versions at :


This is the version of your .app.

Package ID*

This is the Android application ID for your .app. This is the id that looks like com.example.myapp that you must have set using

Version Code*

The version code of the .app.

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