Your web3 Swiss Army Knife

The dApp SDK gives you support for the following modules:

  1. Identity: A comprehensive identity management module enabling decentralized authentication, authorization, and user profile management.

  2. Notifications: A secure, encrypted communication system for notifications between contracts, backend systems, and wallets. Supports both on-chain and off-chain notification logic.

  3. Messaging: An encrypted messaging system enabling peer-to-peer communication between users, as well as group chats and broadcasting functionality and advanced functionality like token gating, NFT gating, message gating, etc.

  4. Social Communication: A peer-to-peer communication module that enables wallet-based video calls, audio calls, live streaming, and web3 native engagement.

  5. Payments: A robust payment module supporting multiple tokens and seamless wallet integrations. Enables recurring, seat-based, or one-time transactions. Integrated with .appStore fees.

  6. Governance: A flexible governance framework for implementing voting, proposals, and decision-making processes within your .app, fostering community involvement and decentralized control.

  7. Zero Knowledge (ZK) Ads: An advertising module for promoting products, services, and content within your .app, featuring a transparent, user-controlled ad system that respects user privacy.

  8. Recommendations: A machine learning-powered recommendation engine that generates personalized content suggestions for users based on their preferences and behavior within the .app.

  9. Compute: The Compute module provides a powerful, decentralized computing platform, leveraging providers to allow developers to run complex tasks like machine learning, data analytics, and other resource-intensive processes. This cost-effective, resilient solution addresses intensive computing needs for your .app.

  10. Storage: The Storage module offers a decentralized storage solution for your .app, allowing you to store, retrieve, and manage large and small files across a distributed network of storage providers. This module also includes CDN support for efficient content delivery to users worldwide.

  11. Device: The device module offers access to device details.

  12. Solidity: The Solidity module provides an efficient smart contract development toolkit. It offers prebuilt base contracts and a set of reusable components that can be integrated into your own contracts.

  13. Applications: The Applications module offers SDKs for a range of programming languages, such as React, React Native, TypeScript, Python, Go, and Unity.

  14. Gamification: Multi-platform solutions to support every type of gaming enthusiast, Ready is spearheading the collective web3 gaming era.

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