dApp Store Kit (dSK)

Build your store, your way

What is the dApp Store Kit?

The dApp Store Kit is an open-source, community-driven tech stack launched by Meroku Protocol. It empowers builders to launch their own decentralized app stores, list apps, and define the rules around monetization, distribution, curation, and governance.

These capabilities let creators focus on delivering amazing user experiences while expediting time-to-market, reducing development costs, and accelerating profitability.

The dApp Store Kit democratizes .appStore creation, enabling individuals and organizations to build tailored marketplaces powered by the same modular components. This facilitates easy ..app deployment across a plethora of interconnected, yet diverse .appStores.

The dApp Store Kit Vision

.app discovery remains a major pain point in web3. Existing platforms resemble archaic Yellow Pages, lacking functionality and flexibility. Hence, we have envisioned and built a toolkit empowering developers to construct fully-featured .appStores where they define monetization, distribution, and governance. Our approach showcases .apps in an immersive environment that compels exploration. This is the most effective tactic in a noisy ecosystem like web3.

Our approach to .app discovery is to create an immersive showcase of .apps that compels people to come and explore the realm.

What does the future of .appStores look like?

The .appStores of tomorrow should captivate and engage, with tactical features optimized for phenomenal user experiences. While benefiting developers and users alike, they will also be intuitive for crypto newcomers, helping bring blockchain to the mainstream.

.appStores built with the dApp Store Kit will include:

  • An experience-driven service marketplace where users and .apps both prosper.

  • One-stop discovery of .apps within the EVM ecosystem.

  • Trustworthy platforms deterring fraud, scams, and hacking.

  • Easy access for non-crypto users, taking blockchain mainstream with just a click.

.appStores built using the dApp Store Kit will feature:

  • A service market focused on enhancing user experience, where both users and decentralized applications (.apps) can derive benefits.

  • A one-stop solution for the seamless discovery of .apps within the EVM ecosystem.

  • A secure and trustworthy marketplace to deter fraud, scams, and hacking.

  • A platform providing effortless access for non-crypto users, bringing blockchain to the mainstream with a single click.

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