.app Listing

Display an app in your .appStore

Getting .app details

You can get the .app details by using the API call documented at https://docs.meroku.store/#/paths/api-v1-dapp-search-dappId/get

Once you get the required info, you should be showing them in your UI.

Redirecting to the .app

In order to redirect users to the .app, the following link should be used. This link has analytics associated with the visits.

API - https://docs.meroku.store/#/operations/visitDapp.

SDK - AnalyticsApi | @merokudao/storekit-sdk.

Downloading the .app

By default a button to download the .app should be shown at an appropriate place. This button should be linked with the URL to download the .app. This link has authentication & analytics associated with it.

API - https://docs.meroku.store/#/operations/downloadBuildUrl.

SDK - DAppRegistryApi | @merokudao/storekit-sdk.

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