.appStore Explorer

Nothing motivates you like seeing other people do great work. This is the idea behind the dApp Store Explorer which is also a leaderboard - a place to see .appStore rankings based on the number of .apps, DAU and growth trends.

dApp Store Explorer is online at https://stores.meroku.org.

You can rate for your appStore by visiting the detailed page for the store. The table can be sorted by clicking on the header.


How is ranking done?

The ranking is done currently using the count of dApps that are present in a dApp Store. For the live ones, this is the number the stores have submitted to us OR the number of dApps that are being used from the registry.

In near future, the rankings will be done based on user engagement and growth in your store. So gear up!

How is DAU calculated?

This is done by the count of API requests being made by the dApp Stores. If you don't see any DAU number corresponding to your store, reach out to us. We can help you get an API key or address any issue.

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