Launch .appStore

Launch your own .appStore

Understanding and Expectations

Like any .app, a decentralized .appStore needs both frontend and backend components. This is where the dApp Store Kit comes in; providing the backend framework so you can focus on your brand and custom UX.

We'll first release backend APIs enabling full control and flexibility. Then we'll add frontend SDKs (React Components) to accelerate development.

The assumption is that you own the frontend implementation, leveraging the APIs and SDKs to interact with the dApp Store Kit on the backend. This empowers you to craft the exact decentralized .appStore experience your vision requires.

You can also start quickly by using a Reference Implementation and skinning it as per your own design guidelines.

Whitelisting Media Domains

All the media in the registry are served from the following two domains:



If you need to whitelist them, you should do so.



If you have a native .app (android or iOS), or any .app that can not use npm package, then this is the right choice for you. The API is documented at

To learn more about how to get API Key and rate limits, see API


The SDK is currently available for nodejs .apps. It’s a wrapper over the API mentioned above and exposes similar functionalities. More details on installing and using the SDK is available in its documentation are available at @merokudao/storekit-sdk.

Let us know

If you have implemented a .appStore using dApp Store Protocol, let us know. We will love to add you to a list of .appStores.

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