PWAs X Meroku

Learn about Progressive Web Apps and why they matter

The web is evolving rapidly, and progressive web apps (PWAs) are emerging as the next big thing set to disrupt Web3.

For the uninitiated, PWAs are like a hybrid between websites and mobile apps. They offer app-like features—think push notifications, offline access, and shortcuts on the home screen. But they’re built with web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

The best of both worlds, right?

Web3 PWAs reduce reliance on app gatekeepers by letting developers publish directly to the web. Users aren’t locked into closed ecosystems and have greater flexibility.

PWAs can work across any device, platform, or operating system! That means you can use these on your mobile device AND your computer without the need to wonder if something will be compatible with iOS, Android, or Windows.

At Meroku, we’re stoked for this decentralized future powered by PWAs.

The possibilities are endless. An open web means unleashing innovation. And PWAs will accelerate the shift towards user and creator empowerment.

The foundations for an equitable web3 are being built as we speak. So keep an eye on PWAs in 2024. They represent a huge step forward in aligning emerging Web3 technology with a user-friendly experience, helping spread the revolution of Web3 to billions of people. The next epoch of the internet is almost here.

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