API Endpoints

Meroku provides the following API endpoints for fetching data. They are CORS protected and to get whitelisted contact us by filling out this form.

EnvironmentAPI URL

Testnet URL


Mainnet URL


Rate Limits

There are two kinds of rate limits that are applies

  1. Anonymous Access Rate Limit: This is useful when you are trying out Meroku APIs from the documentation. There's a global rate limit of 100 calls per minute and 2,40,000 calls per day. This is an aggregate of all the API calls done by all the anonymous users.

  2. Developer Access Rate Limit: If you are building a dApp Store, chances are you would like to go beyond this restriction. In that case, you can get your API Key and experience enhanced limits.

Anonymous Access (Shared Global Pool)Developer Access

Calls / min



Calls / month



API keys

To get your API Keys, fill in the form here. Once we receive your entry, we will send an email with the API Key in place.

Use this API key in the header of the request to authenticate.


curl --request GET \
--url https://api.meroku.store/dapp/categories \
--header "Accept: application/json" \
--header "apikey: YOUR_API_KEY"

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