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dApp SDK is your one-stop solution for creating decentralized applications (dApps) with ease. The SDK provides a set of powerful, modular components that cover essential aspects of .app development, such as payments, messaging, identity, governance, ads, and recommendations. Inspired by the Apple and Google development kits used for mobile app development, our dApp SDK aims to streamline the process of building, testing, and deploying .apps on various blockchain platforms. This SDK can be used to build .apps and publish/distribute them on the .appStores powered by dApp Store Kit.


The dApp SDK offers the following key components:

  1. Identity: A comprehensive identity management module that provides user authentication, authorization, and user profile management in a decentralized manner.

  2. Notifications: A secure, encrypted communication system module notifications between protocol, smart contracts or backend, and wallet addresses. Supports on-chain (smart contract) or off-chain (server-based) notifications with complete logic design freedom to developers.

  3. Messaging: An encrypted messaging system enabling peer-to-peer communication between users, as well as group chats and broadcasting functionality and advanced functionality like token gating, NFT gating, message gating, etc.

  4. Social Communication: A peer-to-peer communication module that enables the wallet to do video calls, audio calls, Twitter spaces, and YouTube Live functionality to enable pure web3 native communication.

  5. Payments: A robust and secure payment module for handling cryptocurrency transactions, including support for multiple tokens and seamless integration with popular wallet providers. Supports Recurring, Seat Based, or One Time payment. Integrated with the dApp Store Fee module.

  6. Governance: A flexible governance framework for implementing voting, proposals, and decision-making processes within your .app, fostering community involvement and decentralized control.

  7. Zero Knowledge (ZK) Ads: An advertising module for promoting products, services, and content within your .app, featuring a transparent, user-controlled ad system that respects user privacy.

  8. Recommendations: A machine learning-powered recommendation engine that generates personalized content suggestions for users based on their preferences and behavior within the .app.

  9. Compute: The Compute module offers a powerful, decentralized computing platform that allows developers to run complex tasks such as machine learning, data analytics, and other resource-intensive processes. Leveraging a network of decentralized providers, the Compute module provides a cost-effective and resilient solution for your .app's computing needs.

  10. Storage: The Storage module offers a decentralized storage solution for your .app, allowing you to store, retrieve, and manage large and small files across a distributed network of storage providers. This module also includes CDN support for efficient content delivery to users worldwide.

  11. Device: The device module offers access to device details.

  12. Solidity: The Solidity module offers the tools needed to build custom smart contracts efficiently by offering a set of prebuilt base contracts and a set of reusable components, or extensions, that can be integrated into your own smart contracts.

  13. Applications: The Applications module offers SDKs for a range of programming languages, such as React, React Native, TypeScript, Python, Go, and Unity.

You can partner with dApp Store Protocol to provide a plugin for one or more of the modules below. Please reach out to us on Discord or fill out this form for human interaction.

Steps to Contribute

As a development partner, you are expected to:

  1. Add your integration to the dApp Store Kit by adding your module to the dapp-sdk.

  2. Specific details on how to add can be found by contributing to dapp-sdk.

  3. If your category does not exist, please create it. This is a community-led initiative and we welcome all builders who feel their wares can accelerate the adoption and usage of web3 on mobile!

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