Personas In The Ecosystem

Everyone is welcome!

There are 4 persons in the ecosystem:

  1. .app Builder

  2. .appStore Builder

  3. Development Partner

  4. Users

.app Builders

.app Builders are innovative creators developing mobile, desktop, and web apps who are seeking autonomy and distribution. Your .app could be a native mobile (apk, ipa), desktop app, or web app (PWAs and vanilla web apps).

Start here if you are a .app Builder.

.appStore Builders

.appStore Builders are the visionaries building unique decentralized .appStores, curating experiences for niche interests and thus providing a distribution channel for the apps loved by different communities. Your .appStore could be implemented as a native mobile or desktop app, or a web app. You could be an OEM for mobile, gaming, and industrial devices.

Start here if you are a .appStore Builder

Implementation Partners

Implementation Partners (formerly called "dApp Store Kit Contributors") are projects that want to build open-source features (Payments, Messaging, Recommendations, Analytics) for dApp-sdk. This persona includes teams that have a SaaS or a tool that will enable the implementation of certain components of dSK.

Start here if you want to contribute.


Our Users are adventurous explorers seeking new decentralized app frontiers. They want to use powerful .apps to boost their productivity, save their time or simply have fun. These are the early adopters and tech mavens to whom the .apps are distributed and for whom the .apps are created.

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